About me

I started out as a child philosopher. Nature was my source of inspiration and comfort. In my early teens I started reading what is called "spiritual" books. Finishing school at the age of 18 I engaged in tons of workshops and courses about personal development, including leadership and sales.

After having been a young "magician" I made some choices in my life that, I wouldn't say were "bad", but life-changing and induced a lot of traumas, strenuous work, wear and tear and a kind of depression and neurosis.

From fighting with the demons I became "Gandalf the White" (ref. Lord of the Rings) and the very act of creating a beautiful successful life from feeling that life is not worth living, that I have done.

In my life I have been to both conventional and so called alternative therapy. I learned a kinesiology method myself (Aditi, through EvaMarie Thunberg Bellman).
I have studied Ramtha (through J.Z. Knight), Abraham (through Esther Hicks), Shamanic Wisdom (Åsa Kullberg), Self and Relationship Mastery (Lion Galban) to name some major ones. And it is an ever evolving journey. I have mentors today and I study and practice daily to raise my level of consciousness and embody a higher and higher version of myself.

These wisdom keepers in my life speak and have all spoken to me in their different ways, and it all comes down to one thing reflecting my own and everybody's true beauty and power, and helping me realize that I and everyone is "God" in our own lives.

Everything I teach is based on my own experiences and what I have really found to work.

Set your aiming point in life to a place you really want to go. That cracks your heart open. That makes your spirit sprout up your spine and give you goosebumps all over.