How much of yourself do you have access to?

And how much of your life do you live? We humans are very similar when it comes to potential, but very different when it comes to results. Results here meaning how we live and particularly how we feel.
Do you think there is more in you than what you realize? More than what you implement? More than what you show? How much of yourself do you have access to? Which version of yourself do you live? Do you think you can live a higher version of yourself?

If yes, but don't know how, that's where I can help you.


...means asset and access in Swedish.

Everyone has got "it". My task is basically to show you things so that You can gain more access to yourself – aligning yourself with your calling and unleashing your potential – so that you can become a greater asset to yourself, others and this world.

Take Buddha, Jesus or any master you wish. If they would start to think like you and make the choices you do, they would become like you.

Take you. If you would start to think like a master, and make the choices of a master, you would become one.

When sailing, no matter how the wind is blowing you can get closer to your goal.

His development is the greatest I have seen.

EvaMarie Thunberg Bellman / EMB friskvård, coach and Aditi kinesiologist

The program I was a participant in contained a great mix of information, meditation, exercises and reflection. A fantastic combination that has given me new perspectives and more self-love.

Jenny Haglind / coaching client

I’ve known John for about two years now. In that time I’ve seen his deep desire & passion for living in authenticity, empowered, & connected to true self. He’s dedicated his life to his own personal advancement & I can see how passionate he is about sharing these gifts with others. He has been nothing less than a wisdom keeper from the beginning of our interactions. It was an honor to walk side-by-side with him in this time of his own Conscious Evolution. He is a gift to us all & I’m excited to see what magic he presents to the world & how it affects your life.

Lion Galban / mentor and teacher, Self and Relationship Mastery


"...It is not just about understanding things and accepting Life, your Life, to be a certain way.

It is about creating a meaningful and "rich" Life, where you feel your calling and your soul is celebrating your actions and decisions. Where your spirit is on fire and your body is radiantly healthy and vital. And where your emotions are liberated and your mind is clear. And you are content, at ease, joyful and feel totally on track. And no matter what is thrown at you you can handle it. That's freedom. That's some beauty of Life."

 John Nyberg